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With StickyCTA, converting your visitors into customers has never been easier.

CTAs, Notification Bars and Announcements Made Simple

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What is StickyCTA ?

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Notification Bar

Display to your visitors : Announcements, special offer, sales promotion, notifications.

Call to Action

Increase the click-through rate to your offers, services, and forms.

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Multiple positioning options

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Your StickyCTA banner remains fixed as a visitor navigates through your site.

A/B testing

Test different colors and texts to find the combination that performs the best.


StickyCTA is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display a non-intrusive, fixed banner to your visitors throughout their navigation.

To integrate StickyCTA on your WordPress site, only 5 minutes are needed. Ideal if you’re struggling to capture your visitors’ attention.


Your banner remains fixed throughout visitors' navigation to maximize click-through rates.


Access detailed statistics for your banners, impressions, click-through rates, and more.


Place your banner at the top or bottom of your website.


Enjoy complete design freedom. Choose colors, text, and icons to tailor the banner's appearance to your brand.

A/B testing

Test the best Text/Color combination to make your banner as effective as possible.


Our plugin is fully responsive, tailored for all mobile devices.


Website owners, web agencies, bloggers… StickyCTA enables many entrepreneurs to find more customers easily.