Support Policy


This support policy outlines the level of support you can expect from our Customer Delight team. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the policy.

What Our Support Covers

We provide support for products purchased from our respective product website. We are happy to assist you with any general questions related to our products, installation, and usage.

We highly recommend that you refer to our respective products’ knowledge base before opening a ticket with us as we may have already answered your question.

We are always happy to provide support if you have an active license, but we ask that you ensure you have the latest version of products at all times.

Our support covers bug fixes that are reported to us. We always aim to get them resolved as soon as possible. In some cases we provide a temporary solution until we release an update or a quick fix, in a minor or major update as per our schedule.

If you are sure that you have found a bug or are facing an issue, please ensure you follow our troubleshooting steps before opening a ticket with us.

We will most likely ask you to perform those steps before we file a bug report with our developers. Also, we may request you to outline the steps so we can reproduce the issue as they ensure faster resolution.

In short our support scope covers :

  • Helping or assisting you while using our products
  • Answering technical questions about our built-in features…
  • Assisting you in finding features or functionality with the help of existing documentation or screenshots, screencasts and other methods.
  • Assistance with reported bugs and fixes related to our products

What Our Support Doesn’t Cover

We do not provide support for any third-party services, plugins, or help in setting up the parent page builders over which our addons work.

Although we are happy to answer your queries in relation to WordPress, page builders and our products to some extent, we do not provide full-fledged support for WordPress, page builders, or any customizations.

All our products can be used as provided on the repository or our store. We cannot provide any kind of help with customizations of our products that includes any custom work, custom CSS, or JavaScript.

If you are in need of customization you can hire a freelancer or developer who can guide you. You can also reach out to our large and helpful user community for help.

Our plugin work out of the box with other page builders as we follow the latest coding standards outlined by WordPress. That said, it is impossible for us to test continually with all of them.

We recommend you to try it in your local environment. If you find any issues feel free to reach out to us so that we can help.

In short our support scope does not cover :

  • Custom requests for changes or help in modifying the code of our plugin
  • Assistance with third-party plugins or services
  • Server-related queries should be taken up with your hosting provider
  • Help with debugging third party issues arising with the theme or our addons
  • Our Knowledge Base provides documentation on how to debug your website. Our Support team will not be able to help you further than pointing you to these documents.

What We Cover :

  • Assistance with using our product
  • Answering technical queries about our plugins’ built-in features and functionality
  • Assistance with bugs or issues from our end
  • Assisting in finding features or functionality with the help of existing docs or screenshots or screencasts.

What We Do Not Cover :

  • Assistance while using third-party plugins or page builders
  • Answering queries about server related features or conflicts
  • Custom requests for changes or help in modifying the code of our theme and plugins
  • Help with finding features or functionality working of third-party plugins or features

How Do We Offer Support ?

We offer support through our respective website’s Support Portals. You can log in to your store account to open a ticket too.

You need a valid and active license to open a Pro ticket. We do not provide phone or tele-conference support. Also, we do not provide official support through our blogs, social media channels like YouTube, Facebook…

Furthermore, if at any point we require any access data (credentials) to your website, this will be only for your staging environment. Our Support team will not ask or access your live (production) website.

All our products have a Facebook community driven by users and our moderators. We highly encourage you to join the relevant community on Facebook or forum communities. You may find quick help and support in addition to that provided by our documentation and support team.

Support Availability

We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for our licensed users and give priority to customers with a subscription. Our support team strives to reply to your questions as quickly as possible, in less than 24 hours.

Customers without a PRO subscription are guaranteed assistance within 72 hours on weekdays.

If you use our product, you agree to this support policy. We reserve the right to change, modify or refine the Support Policy without notice at any time. Check it periodically for any changes.