About StickyCTA

As a website publisher for over 10 years, I spent a long time searching for the best solution to optimize the click-through rate to my offers and services.

I discovered fixed call-to-action buttons a few years ago, and it transformed my business.

More conversions, simplicity, easy A/B testing… After several years of personal use, I decided to share my experience and the power of my StickyCTA plugin with all ambitious webmasters.


julien stickycta


Passionate about WordPress site editing, the development of the StickyCTA plugin is the result of extensive testing. We have no doubt about its effectiveness and how it will change your business.

Top Quality

StickyCTA has been developed and improved over several years. The version offered to you is the most refined and powerful. It offers unprecedented features.


Our commitment to data protection is paramount. We have integrated robust security measures to ensure the security of your experience.


2020 : Launch of the first version of StickyCTA for personal use.

2022 : Start of development for the public version.

2023 : Official launch of the WordPress StickyCTA plugin.